Promogo Services

The Promogo App takes guess work out of the equation and puts you in the driver seat. For the first time, you can easily see how your event is going while it's live, no matter where you are.

Simple and Intuitive 3-Step Solution:

Create Your Event
Provide information on deliverables, timing, & pay
Hire Talent Directly
Choose your talent from those who applied for the event
Monitor Your Event
View live streamed content to ensure accountability

How Promogo Works

We connect all the moving pieces to make sure each event is worth your while.


Simple Client Dashboard Interface

The Promogo Client Dashboard makes it simple to see all the live content your talent is capturing, as it's happening.

Easily sort though and download pictures and videos so you can share immediately to promote your brand.


Simple Talent App Interface

With an app built for the most common use of a cell phone, it's never been easier for talent to send through content they've captured.

A user-friendly and intuitive interface sends pictures and videos straight to your dashboard automatically, the second they are captured.

We Help You Staff All Kinds Of Events

With a wide variety of talent experienced in various promotional settings, we're always ready for all of your event needs.

Events Models

Events Models are there for all your unique event needs. Whether it’s greeting, playing a VIP role, or acting as a costumed character, our talent is ready to approach anything with enthusiasm and energy.

Trade Show Staffing

Trade Show Staff draw traffic and capture the attention of visitors while communicating value to potential customers. Our charming presenters can fill any role from greeter to specialist, and anything in between.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are ready to sell your brand when and wherever needed. We specialize in handling & monitoring product sampling, running on-site demos, and interacting with diverse crowds on the street.


Fashion models work in print and video production, fashion shows, or other live events to bring your collection to life. With a striking appearance and professional attitude, our models always deliver.


CrowdCasting is when talent is hired to bring magnificence to an event through liveliness, beauty, and amusement. Our talent interacts and mingles with various guests in an alluring and composed way.


Translators are often needed to ensure that your brand is never off limits to those who may not speak your native language. Always fluent in at least 2 languages, our translators help keep everyone engaged.

Highlight Reel

We’ll take your live photo and video content and edit it into a memorable highlight reel that you can share with your followers for maximum brand building effect.