About Promogo

More than event staffing:
A Technology Revolution

Who We Are(n't)

We are not "just" a Modeling Agency. We are not "just" a Talent Agency. We are a TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, fighting the imperfections within the industry.

We focus on adding value through innovative, mobile, on-demand technologies.

Our Mission

We seek to place the control back where it belongs: in the hands of companies who want to build their brands, and of talent who want to control how they work.

The Industry Is Changing

While companies may have been organizing promotional events for a while, the industry infrastructure allowed them little control over the process because they needed to work through an agency. This separation between the company and the talent left them with questions to ask instead of decisions to make.

Talent also has never been able to openly choose their work, and instead, relied on agencies to inform them of opportunities. When tethered to an agent, they may miss out on great events that simply never get relayed.


Technology Leading The Way

Promogo was born out of the need for control and accountability to make the most out of a promotional event from both sides. Our technology has finally allowed this need to become an attainable option.

When given the choice, would anyone really want to have no control? We didn’t think so either.

Our platform was designed to allow you to answer the most important question:

How did your promo go?

Put Technology On Your Side